Have you recently been invited to a friend’s wedding in which you must take a guest with you? Rent-a-friend can help. Rent a friend can provide you with a gentleman or lady “friend” in which to escort you to your friend’s wedding and reception and play the part of your companion, no one will be the wiser otherwise.

Rent a friend services have been in business since 2009, providing thousands of people with platonic companions and escorts all over the world.  Once you come across a “friend” that you find interesting, you can either send them an e-message on the site or give them a call on the telephone.

With over 530,000 “friends” available on the rent-a-friend web site, you are certain to find at least one to meet your needs. You can feel comfortable and secure in knowing that whomever you choose to accompany you to your next social event will be completely professional in providing you with a strictly platonic friendship as your escort, and ensure you have a most amazing and memorable occasion that will be well worth every penny you spend.

Rent a friend can also come in handy if you and/or your family are planning a trip to an unknown city or country and need a tour guide. You can hire one of our “friends” to be your tour guide and show you and your family the local tour sites of the city/country you plan to visit, as well as be an interpreter if you are traveling to a foreign country and don’t speak the native language. Just imagine how much fun you and your family will have by having your own personal friend at your disposal, who knows where the fun sites are and can navigate through the city with ease, with the added bonus of knowing the native language to communicate with the local residents.

So the next time you hear of someone who is looking for a travel companion or social event/dinner escort, but not interested in a sexual encounter, you can tell them all about rent a friend.