Finding a Travel Buddy with no Strings Attached

So you are tired of traveling solo, but you don’t want the obligation to “hook up” with a companion in exchange for a person to hang out with? You just want someone to hang out with and be “buddies”, go shopping, check out a movie or play, or just sit and sip a glass of Chardonnay and watch the sunset all in the name of platonic friendship only.

When you are on vacation or a holiday, the last thing you want is to feel lonely. However, who do you ask to go with you? A family member may go with you (if it fits their plans)and if you ask a co-worker or close friend to join you, they may get the feeling there is some secret underlying agenda you have and think the trip means much more than it does.

You could sign up on the social networking site called “Travel Buddies”, however, you will soon come to realize that most of the people on that site are younger and have different interests than you. Then there is another site worthy of looking into called Lonely Planet’s “Thorn Tree Forum”–this is a site in which individuals place their holiday plans in hopes of someone seeing their plans and posting an invitation in which to join them.

So what you really want is a “friend” with no sex, no strings attached. Just a companion to hang out with. travel, and basically keep you company in a non-physical relationship kind of way. There actually is a service like this just for you, it is called “rent a friend” and it is a service which provides escorts in a non-sexual manner to events in which you must attend with a partner from MVP Escorts. Rent-a-friend is solely platonic “dates” to social events, in which you pay for your “friend” to escort you to a social event or otherwise and there is no sexual encounter expected or involved in the transaction.

Rent-a-friend is a service for individuals who are looking for a companion to escort them to an event, go shopping with them, run errands, or simply teach them a foreign language. There is absolutely no sex involved. Rent-a-friend is all about hiring someone to talk to, someone to listen when you need to vent about personal or professional life and its issues, or someone you need to give you advice about those issues in your life that you don’t want to involve someone in which you share a closer relationship to. Rent-a-friend is just what it advertises, someone you hire to act on your behalf as the friend or companion you are in need of at that certain moment in your life when any other relationship simply will not do. Your rent-a-friend escort will be everything you want and more on a purely platonic level, without the pressure of sex.